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From all modern trends Iyengar method allows to train body and its parts to work correct, as it is conceived by nature. The effect of asana (an opportunity to get rid of health problems and an opportunity to develop personality and self-enrichment) depends on the quality of going through poses.

While training according to Iyengar method you would be able to get rid of stoop, to learn to open breast, to get rid of lordosis, to learn correct arms and legs work and many other things permitting to improve your health.

For the first time you will not be trained difficult poses in our center. Everything is easy at first sight. However it is difficult to learn the body to work correctly even in simple poses; you will understand that during the very first class. It is much more important to go through a simple pose correctly, to perform it with all the muscles, bones, joints than to go through a difficult pose twisting into a knot, to impress all the others but to leave the most part of the body "asleep".

Our classes are not used to show to the others something unusual, some supernatural pose, the classes are used for changing the body. You body will change for the better but that will happen not in a day. And with the changes of the body the condition of mind and senses will change.

Those who are practicing yoga according to Iyengar method are not driven by the desire to do something hyper-, super-, but the ambition to the state of feeling strength, freedom, abundant life, which come because of yoga classes.

We do not organize competitions, set up records but you have a feeling that you can everything: you become beautiful, successful and owner of you life.

Iyengar method allows getting rid of different body deformities: Arms and legs deformities inevitably lead to kyphosis and internal organs deformities that lead to different illnesses and dissonant view of life.

Learning yoga according to Iyegar method you can reduce body deformities (or to get rid of them at all - everything depends on your efforts and pains). You will feel better, your body will become beautiful, step by step health problems will go away, and you will get an opportunity to solve problems of the other level - in business, art, science, and self-enrichment problems...

However it would be false to say that those who are learning yoga according to Iyengar method are not interested in difficult poses or nowadays fashionable dynamic asana techniques (dynamic yoga). We also study those things.

Iyengar method is very huge and wide. It differs from all the other methods by the quality of going through asana.

World-class instuctors having a good knowledge of English work in our Center.

If you are interested in taking yoga classes, please send e-mail-request with your phone number to thepraktika@gmail.com. We will get in touch with you.

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